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The Bris

Prior to the day of the Bris Rabbi Jacobs will take the time to explain the ceremony in detail so that you will know exactly what to expect.  Following are some main points to keep in mind.  Please call Rabbi Jacobs (before or after the baby is born) to discuss in greater detail the ceremony, procedure or any questions you may have.

Preparing for the Bris

Instead of providing you with a list of items to have ready, Rabbi Jacobs will provide everything you need for the ceremony, procedure and after care.  This is a beautiful (and yes, a bit exhausting!) time in your lives and your time should be spent with your new gift of joy rather than running around from store to store for supplies.  All you need to bring is the baby!  Of course, if you have a Kiddush cup or the like that is sentimental to you, let Rabbi Jacobs know and he will be happy to make use of it during the ceremony. 

Main Honorees at the Bris

  1. Kvatter
    Someone to bring the baby towards the area where the Bris will take place.
  2. Chair of Elijah
    A man who will hold the baby on the specially designated “Chair of Elijah”.
  3. Sandek
    A man who will hold the baby during the Bris procedure itself.  No experience necessary!
  4. Naming
    Someone will hold the baby during the Naming Ceremony.

Rabbi Jacobs will discuss the honors and honorees with you prior to the day of the Bris, and at the Bris he will “direct traffic” so that everything goes very smoothly.  Of course, if you have more (or less) relatives or friends that you would like to involve in the Bris, Rabbi Jacobs will be able to accommodate your wishes.

The Baby Naming

During the Bris your baby will receive his Hebrew Jewish name.  If you already have a Jewish name picked out you may let Rabbi Jacobs know before or at the Bris.  If you’d like help choosing a name that corresponds to an English name or a name that honors a deceased relative, Rabbi Jacobs would be happy to help you.

After Care

After the Bris, Rabbi Jacobs will thoroughly review after care instructions with you. Rabbi Jacobs is available by phone around the clock to address any concerns or answer any questions that you may have.