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Rabbi Aver Jacobs is a Certified Mohel, a rabbi who is specially trained to perform a Bris/circumcision. A Mohel’s training consists of a thorough study of anatomy, sterile surgical procedure, and traditional laws and customs.


A Colorado native, Rabbi Jacobs is one of the fortunate few to have qualified for an internship with Rabbi Moshe Weisberg, the official Mohel of Shaarei Zedek Hospital, Jerusalem, head of the governmental committee overseeing circumcision in Israel, and a prolific Mohel himself. Rabbi Jacobs also studied under Rabbi Jay Feder, who was Colorado’s Mohel for 30 years.

Colorado and Beyond

Having spent several years in Israel, Rabbi Jacobs moved his practice back to Denver and has since served as Colorado’s Mohel, performing Brisses in homes, synagogues and hospitals along the entire Front Range and beyond.

The Ceremony

Rabbi Jacobs successfully combines safe, skillful and competent surgical procedure with a meaningful, relevant religious service. His warm, reassuring and sensitive demeanor and beautifully presented explanations create an atmosphere that makes the Bris meaningful for the family and guests alike. Regardless of level of observance, religion or background, your family and friends will walk away from the ceremony feeling inspired and uplifted.