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A highly skilled and experienced certified Mohel, who will bring warmth, sensitivity and meaning to your family's Bris experience.

Mazel Tov - it's a boy! Call the Mohel, Rabbi Aver Jacobs. Serving Denver, Colorado and Beyond

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The Bris


Rabbi Jacobs performs Brisses in homes, synagogues and hospitals along the entire Front Range and beyond.

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About the Mohel


Rabbi Aver Jacobs has been serving Denver, Colorado, and the entire Front Range for many years.

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"Thank you so much for making the bris so special and smooth. We are so lucky to have you."

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Accolades from health professsionals

"Aver Jacobs is a very kind and gentle man who has circumcised several of my home birth clients’ babies with utmost conscientiousness. He treats all families with respect and consideration, and is thorough and reassuring in his instructions for follow-up care.

"I remember one instance where, suspecting a possible congenital defect, Aver postponed the procedure until cleared to do so by a pediatrician, returning at a later date with no additional charge to the parents. Thank you, Rabbi Jacobs, for your generous service!"

Jean Dhority, Certified Professional Midwife